Dr. Andy’s New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions, I almost get a pit in my stomach just thinking about them.  Setting lofty goals, creating change in our life, usually with no planning or preparation. All with the intention to “make this year the best year yet!”  One week later, over 30% of people fall off the wagon, start their old habits, and crash hard. I told myself this wouldn’t be me, not this year.

So what’s my plan?

I decided this year would be different for me.  Starting January 1st, and helped out greatly by my decision making December 31st, I cut out alcohol and junk food.  I limited going out to eat to 2 places, Crisp & Green and The Freehouse. Lastly, and most importantly for me, I downgraded my iPhone, to the incredible Alcatel flip phone.

Alcohol and Food

I thought it would be very difficult to cut out alcohol and limit bad food choices. Surprisingly, they have turned out to be easy and fulfilling decisions.  I’ve enjoyed the challenge of finding healthier options and changing my relationship toward alcohol and junk foods while in social environments.    Removing alcohol has also made making certain food decisions much easier.  Rather than having that happy hour beer, which led to happy hour nachos and a second happy hour beer, I now have a happy hour water and go home to make a much more satisfying and healthy meal.

Downgrading my iPhone

Removing the iPhone from my life has been much much more difficult. But it’s also slowly becoming more gratifying.  I still have the iPhone and am able to use it much like a tablet.  It connects to WiFi so I can still use it for everything I did before, with the exception of phone calls and texting.  This has significantly improved my focus while working and at home.  It amazes me how much time I used to spend on my phone, and how long “checking one text” really took.  My phone was and still is in many ways a classic rabbit hole of time consumption.  When I would check that one text, it inevitably turned into checking the email–> then Instagram–> then Facebook–> then ESPN–> then this app and that app, and ohh yeah what about this thing I was going to look at yesterday, I wonder if there is a podcast about that, oh I want those shoes lets see if amazon has those, oh amazon has this too…..and on and on and on.   So, to stop the cycle, I removed the problem, and it’s the phone.  Now when I check a text, I use the classic and infuriating T9 text function to respond. Then I’m done and back to my actual to do list.  I limit my iPhone use to some moments in the morning, noon, and night. Beyond that, I keep it disconnected from WiFi and away from me.  While certain things in life are a challenge without the iPhone, it has been a fun exercise in discipline and control removing it from my life.
What has happened so far?
I sleep significantly better, have way more energy throughout the day, and feel more focused throughout my day.  I feel energized and excited to go to the gym.  I look forward to challenges in life and business, rather than dreading and finding excuses to avoid them.   To date, I have lost 14 pounds.  Most importantly, I am happier and more engaged with my patients, co-workers, friends, Pancake, and wife.

How has removing my iPhone, alcohol, and junk food improved my life in just 12 days?

  • Sleep
  • Focus at work
  • Increase in energy
  • Motivated and excited to tackle challenges
  • Better workouts
  • Feel more confident about decisions I make.  Once I’ve decided, I focus on getting the result, rather than scrolling  through a phone to help make a decision for me.

What has been a challenge so far?

  • Breaking old habits with the phone (social media, emails, texting, etc)
  • It has proven to be a challenge to prep food, plan ahead, and avoid making spontaneous decisions.

Tips if you are going to try this:

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare.  Doing this cold turkey was a bad decision.  However, this process would have been much easier had I been more prepared.  Meal planning and prepping, getting the tools to stay organized, and creating a schedule for myself would have helped me feel in control of the big changes I’m working to make.
  • Get a journal (and use it!). I have found that journalling through this process has helped keep me on task and disciplined.
  • Find somebody to help you, keep you motivated, and support you.

How can Well Adjusted Minnesota help you?

  • Wellness coaching with Emily Winters, from Get Well With Em
  • Bodywork, recovery and chiropractic care with Dr. Andy, Dr. Jess, or Dr. Mike
  • Active Release Technique with Dr. Jess
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