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Massage Therapy Q&A

How does massage help relieve symptoms and promote healing?

Massage improves circulation so oxygen and important nutrients are circulated to injured tissues more efficiently. This helps decrease inflammation and irritation that might lead to pain, swelling, stiffness and other symptoms. Lymphatic drainage is also improved through massage, removing toxins from the body that can lead to pain and swelling. If necessary, a masseuse may focus on trigger points, otherwise referred to as knots, working to gently loosen and relieve inflammation. With a reduction of these knots, normal musculoskeletal and nerve function can be restored.

What kinds of massage services does Well Adjusted Twin Cities Offer?

Deep Tissue
This style of massage combines deep tissue, trigger point, detailed muscle work and other rituals specific to the therapist’s skill set and your needs.

Swedish Massage
This style will calm your nervous system and soothe mental anxiety. Long, soothing strokes help you sink into relaxation and restore sore muscles.

Sports Massage
Sports massage is customized to the athlete’s needs and time frame of the next athletic event. A combination of intense bodywork and stretching (if needed) combined with relaxation to ease muscles.

How many massage therapy sessions will I need to find relief?

This is dependent on your current condition. Some feel relief after one massage, while others require numerous sessions before feeling completely relieved of pain and stiffness. Regular massage is a great compliment to your regular chiropractic visits. Both help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation to help promote deeper healing.

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