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Hip and Leg Pain 

What causes hip & leg pain?

Osteoporosis can cause hip and leg pain. Your first sign of osteoporosis may discomfort and stiffness in your groin, butt or thigh when you wake up in the morning. Commonly, there is a gradual increase of pain over the side of the hip into the groin, with pain down the front of the thigh and into the knee joint. Some many only feel pain in their knee and completely overlook any hip pain. Pain fro osteoporisis typically worsens with any weight bearing activity, such as walking or climbing stairs.

What long term effects can hip & leg pain cause?

Loss of muscle strength and mobility is often seen, resulting in difficulty running or even walking. You may also end up feeling stuck in your hip, unable to regain full range of motion.

How can chiropractic care help relieve hip & leg pain?

Regular chiropractic care can help to maintain mobility and flexibility through the leg and hip.

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