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Prenatal Care

As a leading chiropractic center in Minneapolis and Eden Prairie, Doctors Andy Risvold, Mike Branitski, and Jess Rasmussen of Well Adjusted Minnesota are your go to chiropractors for pregnancy care, prenatal and postnatal. Pregnancy is an exciting time in a family’s life. We want to be a part of that excitement and support you and your family through your pregnancy.

Can you see a chiropractor while pregnant?

Well Adjusted Minnesota uses gentle chiropractic techniques that are safe for pregnant patients. After your big day has come, we safely and gently treat babies and children too. So yes, you can absolutely see a chiropractor while pregnant.

How can seeing a chiropractor while pregnant help with pregnancy?

  • Align and balance the spine and pelvis
  • Provide mobility of the joints in the pelvis for baby to pass through
  • Relieve discomfort in the low back and pelvis
  • Maintain proper functioning muscles required for birthing
  • Provide prenatal nutritional advice
  • Support the abdomen, low back and pelvis with kinesiology taping

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