Top 5 Problems We Treat at Well Adjusted Minneapolis

1) How can chiropractic care help relieve headaches?

One of the most common things we treat in our office is headaches. From debilitating migraines, to daily tension headaches, and everything in between. Chiropractic care is able to relieve headaches by adjusting the soft tissue and joint dysfunction that can be the underlying cause that leads to headaches and migraines.

2) Can a chiropractor help with neck and back pain?

Yes! As chiropractors, a primary focus is the neck and back.  Many patients come in with complaints of something as severe as a herniated disc, to something more minor including “popped ribs”, a “pinch” in their back, or a “kink” in their neck.  We thoroughly exam these patients and try to determine the root of the problem in order to figure out what caused this to happen, and address the it accordingly.  Often times, we work the soft tissue, or muscles, as well as the joint.  This allows us to address the restriction and regain full range of motion.

3) I have poor posture, can you help me?

Absolutely. Poor posture is an issue commonly treated in our office. Our posture suffers from all of the sitting and screen time present in our daily lives.  As we stress our spines, our muscles compensate to support our poor posture.  These muscles eventually fatigue, leading to pain.  We pride ourselves in getting to the cause of your problem, which requires giving you the tools to fix your posture.   Often times, when we address the source of the problem, posture, we see the symptoms, for example headaches and neck pain, disappear.

4)  I’m pregnant, can I still come in?

We love taking care of moms, in all stages whether pre-natal, in the midst of pregnancy, or post-natal.  The changes the body goes through during pregnancy are profound and special.  That being said, the gift to carry life within can lead to a variety of issues including sciatica, low back pain, headaches, and more. Nine months of intense change to a woman’s body can lead to many issues that we are grateful for the opportunity to help relieve. So yes, you can still come in to see us while pregnant.

5)  I feel great! Why should I see a chiropractor?

Our favorite group of patients are those who are not coming in with pain or dysfunction, but for general maintenance. They know that taking care of their body will help them reach their health and fitness goals  while staying pain-free.  A great patient once said, “self care is my hobby”.  This particular patient didn’t have any specific issues we were working on. Rather, we stretched, adjusted, taped, and performed muscle work through her intense training to keep her from getting an injury.  Because she built a team of practitioners around her, she PR’d the Twin Cities Marathon and qualified for the Boston Marathon. Before taking her self-care seriously, and committing to care even when pain-free, this patient that her goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon was unattainable. We’re proud to have been a part of her accomplishing thing goal.


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